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Rapper Talib Kweli's Wife Files For Divorce

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By Ryan Naumann

Rapper Talib Kweli's wife has hit him with divorce papers after 11 years of marriage.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Cynthia Greene aka DJ Eque has filed a petition for divorce against her husband Talib Kweli Greene in Los Angeles Superior Court. She checked the box stating they have no minor kids from their union.

At the moment, it's unclear what she is asking for in terms of monthly support or if they signed a prenuptial agreement that covers the division of their property and assets.


The couple has remained low-key with their relationship over the years. Back in 2010, NY Post reported on a brawl they had at an industry party.

The rapper and his wife were kicked out of his own party at club SNAP in New York City. The outlet reported that she “lost her cool” after seeing her husband talking with another woman inside the venue.

The paper wrote, "Kweli made a joke thanking the sponsor, Hennessey, for paying for his wedding in 2009, saying otherwise he wouldn't have got married. The party later carried on in a private room. When his wife saw him chatting and being friendly with other women, she flew off the handle.”


A source told them, “she went at him and they were almost wrestling before they fell back on a table, smashing some glasses. Security then asked them to leave, and they carried on the argument outside as they got into their car."

Besides the one public spat, the couple appeared to be happy until the divorce filing.

Last year, Talib was dealing with a whole situation after being kicked off Twitter for violating their terms of service. He reportedly harassed a woman named Maya Moody on the platform.

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Twitter released a statement confirming they permantely suspended his account. They said it was due to his “repeated violations of the Twitter rules … Violence, harassment and other similar types of behavior discourage people from expressing themselves.”

The rapper spoke to Jezebel where he denied harassing the woman. He said, “I’ve never cyber harassed anyone in my life. I responded, on Twitter, to the lies that Maya posted about me. When you respond to someone who posts lies about you, that is not harassment.”

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