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Michael B. Jordan Stands By Lori Harvey After Lil Boosie's Rant

By Ryan Naumann

Michael B. Jordan is showing his girlfriend Lori Harvey a bunch of love after rapper Lil Boosie went on a days-long rant about her love life.

The "Black Panther" actor shared a series of photos showing his admiration for Steve Harvey's daughter. In the snaps, Michael is seen staring at his girlfriend with admiration while helping her out with the wind in her face.

In another photo, Lori is seen walking with her arm intertwined with Michael's arm. They looked flossy while walking down the street dressed to the nines.

Lori & Michael


Michael captioned the post, "I love you baby 🤍." Lori replied, "I love youuuuuu 🥰." The post comes days after Lil Boosie lost his mind during a VladTV. For some reason, Boosie decided to share his thoughts on Lori being praised by women for bagging a bunch of hot men.

In the past, Lori has been romantically linked to Trey Songz, Diddy, Diddy's son Justin Combs, Akon's brother Abu, Future, and is currently dating Michael B. Jordan.

38-year-old Boosie thought it was right for him to comment on 24-year-old Lori's life decisions.

Boosie's Remarks


During his chat with.Vlad, Boosie made the argument that the men dating Lori should be considered "goals" not Lori who was dating all the men. He said, “I think we need to stop giving the women the power with situations like this. Girls keep saying it’s ‘goals’ but this is not "goals".”

The rapper added, "We gotta start giving the bachelors, the men, who are running through a beautiful woman like this the credit, who not housing her, running through her."


Boosie was torn to shreds after the interview was released. Lori's fan quickly attacked the rapper for his ignorant comments. He wasn't bothered with the hate writing, "they really got women who telling me they want they daughter passed around LORI IS REALLY GOALS TO THEM smh THESE MFS FEELI GS HURT WITH THIS ONE 🔥🔥they gone go to they grave thanking bout BOOSIE WITH THIS ONE 👍n y’all thank rappers take trip with bitches n don’t fuck 🔥y’all living n a fake world u thinking like that smh."

Lori has yet to respond to Boosie.

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