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John legend with Chrissy

John Legend Cover's Chrissy Teigen's 'Hoohaa' After Camera Ambush!

Instagram @John Legend
By Jacob Highley

John Legend has become quite a music sensation over the last decade. The 42-year-old “Green Light” singer has become synonymous with socialite, pop-icon status, and his beautiful wife, Chrissy Teigen, has bolstered their family’s prominent social status in her own little ways.

That is to say, it is greatly thanks to her online efforts that the public has become so attached to their family happenings. Her latest Instagram activity created a big stir as fans couldn’t help but notice the quick thinking on her hubby’s part, and her own provocative appearance that made the post headline worthy.


Chrissy Teigen wearing leather
Instagram @John Legend

Although certainly not the first time that John has been seen getting adorably (if not erotically) romantic with his beloved bride, this post did give rise to many comments from fans who couldn’t help but notice how John was fast to cover his wife’s intimate areas just as the two were ambushed by a camera.

The pair were apparently entangled on a large couch behind some white flowers, when someone in the house comes around to film the lovely pair. John’s hand placement in particular had many sharing their thoughts.

The Comments!

John Legend in bed with Chrissy
Instagram @John Legend

Here are just some of the comments that fans shared on Chrissy’s intimate post:

“The way he moves his hand to hide any potential couchie slip. That’s love 🙌” (Commentator) “Wow the way he covers his queen 😍” (Commentator) “Fixing that hand really quick to cover the gap😂” (Commentator) “John covering the bits tho.. 😍” (Commentator) “
John is hiding your hoohaa! Now that is ❤️😂 you two are 🙌❤️” (Commentator) “
Love the strategic hand placement.... he’s got you covered mama!” (Commentator) “
I love how quick he respectfully moves his hand to hide you. 😍” (Commentator) 

'Radical' Love

Chrissy Teigen wearing overcoat with John
Instagram @John Legend

One of the main reasons that John has had such a successful, model relationship with Chrissy is because he has such an open mind when it comes to understanding her. Being willing to accept their differences has been critically important so that they can stay on good terms and not fight. 

He told the press in 2019 that he believed his perspective was actually a bit “radical” since he wasn’t advocating something that comes easy, but rather something that needs to be adopted and worked on. 


John Legend and Chrissy at Lincoln memorial
Instagram @John Legend

“Love in public is what Cornel West called justice, the idea that you value people’s lives no matter who they are or where they live or how different they are from you. All the differences we have, if you have the ability to love your neighbour, or not just your neighbour but – in church they defined neighbour as broadly as possible. And so I feel like – and I don’t always get it right – it’s that we should love our neighbour, which is everyone, as we love ourselves.” This is a radical thing, a radical love. “It’s not easy to do.” 

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