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McKayla Maroney with her hands in her hair

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Opens Wide For Bent-Over Thirst Trap

By Whitney Vasquez

Gymnast McKayla Maroney is thirsty and she's not afraid to admit it. Taking to her social media, the 25-year-old gold medal winner dropped the tea on how she keeps her body so tight post-Olympics, NO BOOZE! Posting two photos showing her raiding her kitchen during the late-night hours, the brunette bombshell opted to skip the food and head right to an ice-cold glass of H20.

McKayla Maroney opened wide to take a sip out of her clear cup while telling her followers she stays clear of alcohol and caffeine.

Quenching Our Thirst

McKayla Maroney in a see-through shirt

Showing herself wearing her pajamas and no makeup at all, McKayla Maroney held a glass of water to her face and chugged it. Looking red hot with her Valentine's Day-inspired manicure, the star kept the lights off but could easily be made out in the purple overhead.

Keeping half of her gorgeous face covered by a vase full of purple orchids, McKayla Maroney dropped not one, but two, thirst traps while disclosing the only liquids she allows in her body. Scroll to see McKayla Maroney's late-night thirst traps!

No Alcohol For Her

McKayla Maroney in her bikini

Folding her arms while bending over her kitchen counter, the former "Final Five" team member left her followers with dry mouths after drooling over her shots. Flashing a sultry glare into the camera, the gymnast revealed she stays away from booze and coffee for the sake of her body and skin.

"Since everyone hates hearing how they should drink more water for clearer skin, how about I tell you what NOT to drink," she captioned her thirst traps. "Forreal though, all I drink is water, and herbal tea," she continued. Keep scrolling for MORE!

See Her Thirst Trap

McKayla Maroney drinking water

Dropping the bomb, McKayla Maroney added, "I do not drink alcohol at all, and I quit coffee because of its negative effects." No wonder the former Olympian looks like she's still competition-ready. While she might not drink booze or coffee, the star still knows how to have a good time. She recently celebrated the Super Bowl in a tiny crop top and wasn't scared to lift her arms in excitement.

McKayla Maroney has completely cautioned off haters too, threatening to block them while going unbuttoned to dish out a strict warning.

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