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Tom Brady HAMMERED At Super Bowl Boat Parade!!

By Mike Walters

Tom Brady is the GOAT...even when it comes to celebrating a huge Super Bowl win!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback appears to have had a GREAT time while celebrating the big win in Tampa's Super Bowl boat parade. A video went viral on Twitter in the past few hours after a reporter from the area shared the clip, which appears to show Brady stumbling a bit after getting off of the boat.

It's unclear how much Tom was boozing on the boat, but everyone else at the party was having the best time ever!

Take A Look!

A Little Too Much Tequila?!


The Super Bowl MVP started out the day by showing off his new $2 Million boat while cruising through the harbor. But, as we reported, at one point the QB actually THREW the championship trophy from his boat to another!

At the time, we assumed Brady is so good -- he just knew he would make the play. But, it now appears he may have been partying a bit, which helped make his decision to throw it.

Of course, if he is partying...the guy deserves it and everyone is totally fine with him having a few cold ones during the parade!

See The Video Of Him Stumbling Off The Boat!

Going Off!


As you can see, Brady is a bit unsteady on his feet after exiting the boat. Plus, he shoots a huge smile to the crowd as a few reporters attempt to ask him questions. You know that look!

The legendary NFL star posted his own video from the parade which included him holding the Lombardi Trophy, and seven fingers up, to the Eminem lyrics "Guess whose back, back again." He included his insane toss of the trophy, to Gronkowski's boat, in the montage.

Tom Brady even poked fun at himself, retweeting the video of him stumbling, saying "Noting to see her...just litTle avoCado tequila."

Check This Out!

See Video Of Tom Brady TOSSING Super Bowl Trophy From Boat To Boat!


As we reported, Tom Brady decided to TOSS the championship trophy from his boat to the one being occupied by his star tight end, Rob Gronkowski.

If you weren't convinced he is the greatest of all time, just watch him perfectly pass the shiny object perfectly over the water! Of course, several things could have gone wrong here including it sinking to the bottom of the harbor, or smashing upon arrival.

But, there is a reason they call him the 'GOAT' and if Brady decided to get hammered while celebrating his victory. It's ALL GOOD! Someone get him a bottle of water!

Now, Let's See That Toss!

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