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Tom Brady THROWS Lombardi Trophy To Another Boat During Super Bowl Parade!

By Mike Walters

Tom Brady is the GOAT.

If you weren't convinced after his amazing Super Bowl win, this video of his THROWING the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another -- over a huge gap of water -- should seal the deal!

The 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback is partying with his fellow teammates and the citizens of the city in a boat parade, which was dialed up to help with the spread of COVID-19. The only issue is, the championship trophy had to be passed around from boat to boat.

So, Tom Brady decided he could throw the massive trophy from his boat to the boat of his star tight end Rob Gronkowski -- and the video is insane!

Take A Look!

The Greatest Throw Of His Career!


As you can see, Tom Brady walked the trophy down to the end of his boat to attempt the throw to another boat. To be clear, the team is driving through the harbor -- and if this doesn't make it -- the trophy would end up at the bottom forever!

Of course, if anyone should be trusted with this important throw, it's the best quarterback who ever lived -- but, it is still a very dangerous throw! A few things could have gone wrong here including it drops in the water, Gronk drops it and breaks it, or someone gets bonked by the massive trophy!

You Gotta See The Throw!

Watch The INSANE Video!


As we said, you can tell this wasn't a sure bet, after you see the distance at which Brady has to throw this thing to make it!

To be clear, the Vince Lombardi Trophy is awarded to each and every team that wins the Super Bowl and it stands 22 inches in length and weighs approximately seven pounds. Ok, we feel a little better.

The trophy was designed on a napkin in 1966 for the NFL by Oscar Reidner, the vice president of design for Tiffany & Co. jewelry company, and the company continues to make them to this day.

Now, enough about it, LET'S SEE THE THROW!

See The Video...UP CLOSE!


Of course, Tom Brady makes a perfect toss to Gronkowski's boat, and the crowd went NUTS!

There's a reason they call this guy the 'GOAT' and the best part is a few of his fellow teammates are even sporting shirts featuring his draft picture on the front. As you can imagine, the video is lighting up social media and is being shared thousands of times -- it is also being followed up with jokes about how the Kansas City Chiefs wide-receivers would have dropped it!

Let's See That Throw Again!

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