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LeBron James Hairline Controversy, Expert Speaks Out

By Ryan Naumann

LeBron James hairline is once again at the center of discussion after the trailer for “Space James” was released this week.

The NBA legend’s hair has been the topic of conversation ever since he became famous. At various points in his career, LeBron’s hair has appeared rescinding during games. Recently, fans have started asking if the Lakers star received a procedure to move his hairline forward.

In the trailer for the “Space Jam” sequel, LeBron has a full head of hair and that raised some eyebrows. Many fans who viewed the trailer left behind a series of sarcastic remarks about his hair.

Space Jam

Warner Bros.

The Blast spoke to Jacques Abrahamian, MPAS Hair Transplant Specialist, who owns the LA FUE Hair Clinic. The hair restoration specialist, who has not worked with LeBron personally, offered his opinion on LeBron’s hairline.

Jacques tells The Blast, “There is no doubt throughout the years, Lebron’s hairline has been a topic of conversation on the news, online and social media.”

He added, “As we are not 100% sure what techniques and avenues Lebron James has taken to re-create his hairline, we can only guess it involved some type of hair restoration. "



Jacques continued, “Hair restoration and transplantation has come a long way in the last decade, where the technique’s being offered are now minimally invasive, offers higher density and more natural-looking outcomes.”

The owner of LA FUE Hair Clinic believes, “If we had to guess what avenue and techniques Lebron James used for his hairline, it can fall under the 2 major options being most commonly offered right now. This can be either the “FUSS” method which is the older technology and or the “FUE” method which is the newest technology.”


He says, “Both techniques have their pros and cons. While the “FUSS” may not be the latest techniques, this method makes any hair texture type qualify for hair restoration even if they have super wavy hair or super curly hair. The newer techniques available which is the “FUE” is the least invasive, but clients with super wavy/curly hair may not be the best candidates because it uses a straight tip punch, which may transect hair follicles when they are super curly.”

In regard to what procedures the NBA star might have used to achieve his nice hair. He said, “Our guess for Lebron James’s improved hairline would be that he might have received the “FUSS” techniques due to his curly textured hair, which makes him the perfect candidate, along with possibly supplemental products such as concealers/hair fibers, SMP (Scalp Micro-Pigmentation) and possibly oral and topical medications to help save his natural existing native hairs.”

LeBron has not responded to the hair controversy.

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