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Dr. Dre STILL Hospitalized In ICU After Brain Aneurysm, Suffering From Mystery Ilness

By Mike Walters

Dr. Dre remains in ICU a week after he was hospitalized with a brain aneurysm, and doctors have not figured out what is causing his issues.

The legendary rapper is currently resting comfortably at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and doctors are continuing to do a battery of tests on him to try and confirm the reason for his condition. According to reports, Dre suffered a brain aneurysm last week, but at this point, doctors are unable to figure out the root cause of the brain bleed.

So, they are keeping him in the hospital for the time being.

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Dr. Dre Still Hospitalized In The ICU!


As we reported, Dr. Dre has been hospitalized since last Monday and doctors are going to keep him until they figure out what is going on.

The problem is, specialists do not want to release the legendary rapper from the ICU in fear that he will have another aneurysm. If he does, the key is having him close to the surgery center, so they can treat it immediately. If this emergency happens at home, it can be deadly.

As for his condition -- according to one report, doctors have informed his family that a very "bad outcome" doesn't appear to be on the table, so they are optimistic.

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Doctors Running Test To Figure Out Mystery Illness


One thing is clear, Dr. Dre is a very lucky man. Brain aneurysms result in the patient's death nearly half the time. Plus, it can leave lasting neurological issues. But, so far, it appears he did not suffer any lasting effects.

We broke the story, Dre was alert and well enough to sign an agreement with his ex-wife in their ongoing divorce -- after he missed an important hearing in the case. According to the agreement, Dre agreed to pay his ex-wife $2 Million in support, while they hash out a settlement and he recovers in the hospital.

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Out Of The Woods?!


In the divorce, Dr. Dre and his wife are fighting over the existence of a prenuptial agreement which outlines the amount of spousal support to be paid in the case of a divorce. As we reported, Nicole Young claims the document was signed under duress, and she should simply get half of the couple's massive estate.

How big? Dr. Dre's wife says the rapper has $262 Million in cash and Apple stock on hand. Plus, claims the couple spent over $200 Million in the past few years, only to have their cash level go UP by $26 Million. Ya, Apple is a good investment!

The couple is due back in court in April, for now, get well soon!

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