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Cardi B BLASTS President Donald Trump Claims He Should Be Thrown In Jail!

By Mike Walters

Cardi B is attacking President Donald Trump and is calling for him not only to be removed from office but immediately thrown behind bars!

The 'WAP' rapper exploded on Twitter calling out others for demanding the President be impeached, pointing out that he will be out of office in a few weeks anyway -- and what's more important is to lock him up.

As you can imagine, Cardi's fans went nuts over the controversial statements, many pointing out the importance of going through the Impeachment process to protect the future.

See Cardi's Shocking Message!

Cardi B: Donald Trump Belongs Behind Bars!


"I don’t wanna hear this "we impeaching trump” s--t. He only got a few days left at the office anyways. By the time he gets impeached, he’ll be at his penthouse in NY already. How bout y’all put him in JAIL !!!!!!" Cardi tweeted.

Several fans reacted to the rapper's message, pointing out, "Impeachment will allow him to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as, if successful, it would remove protections automatically given to former presidents. It’s not about the “removal” as much as it’s about losing his benefits."

This comes on the heels of Congress secretly meeting about invoking the 25th Amendment. In this case, a President is unfit or unable to do their job.

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Fans React To Cardi B's Message -- Impeachment Is Important Too!


"You realize that impeachment will ensure that he can’t run in 2024 right? Jail is not a sure thing, this man is loaded and is friends with a lot of elites. He’ll get away with whatever charge they place on him. Don’t think you understand why impeachment is so important," a fan reminded.

"He can't run if he's in jail," another argued.

The 'WAP' rapper was also very vocal as the rioters were breaking into the capital building, tweeting, "Just laughing at the irony. Protesters were getting called animals, looters, thugs for rioting and protesting over JUSTICE & EQUALITY by the same people that are out today doing the same s--t over ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

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Not The First Time, Won't Be The Last...


This isn't the first time Cardi B has used her giant platform to bash the President or ask her millions of followers to vote for Joe Biden.

In November, Offset's wife took to Instagram taking a shot at Donald Trump in the days leading up to the election. “I’m tired of this bullshit. I'm tired of getting upset every single time I see this man talk. It's like, are you fucking serious?” she wrote.

She continued, “Your little one vote, your little one vote could change [things]. You could make a change, I could make a change. You don’t gotta be special, you don’t gotta be rich, you don’t gotta be famous, you don’t gotta be beautiful. You just gotta be you with your one vote…so let's all go vote tomorrow, b--ch.”

So far, the President hasn't responded to Cardi B -- but, then again he doesn't have a Twitter anymore.

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