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Dr. Dre Divorce: Couple Reportedly Spent Over $245 MILLION In Just Three Years!

By Mike Walters

Dr. Dre and his estranged wife reportedly spent over $245 Million in the last three years of marriage on their extravagant lifestyle, according to his wife's accountant in the couple's divorce.

According to reports, Nicole Young filed new documents in the couple's ongoing divorce that outlines the couple's spending and current cash and stock on hand, and it is massive!

Nicole's accountant says Dr. Dre has a mind-blowing $262 million available in cash and Apple stock, which is plenty to cover attorney fees and support in the divorce. The legal filings came after Dr. Dre allegedly claimed he didn't have enough cash to support his estranged wife.

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Dr. Dre's Wife Claims They Spent $2.3 Million A-MONTH!


According to new reports, Nicole's accountant claims selling Apple stock was the couple's primary source of funding for their lifestyle from 2017-2019. Also, the person believes this will continue to be the case moving forward.

To be clear, the CPA claims the couple's marital living expenses were $2.3 million A-MONTH and even though they spent over $245 million in the past three years, their available cash still increased by $26 MILLION. That's what you call rich, rich!

In the documents, filed by celebrity attorney Samantha Spector, the accountant says it's clear he has plenty of funds to support Nicole through the divorce process, and "maintain the status quo" of their lifestyle.

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Couple Battling Over Spousal Support!


As we reported, Dr. Dre and his wife have been battling over spousal support in the divorce. In previous documents, the legendary rapper warned Nicole to start spending less and claims he is giving her more than enough money to live.

According to reports, Dre is currently paying $293,306 a month in support, an amount far less than what the couple was spending while together. It should be noted, Nicole claims it appears her ex-husband has underreported his income by running money through various other companies.

Oh ya, and she claims he is funding the lifestyles of multiple girlfriends.

Dr. Dre Reportedly Made Over $200 MILLION In Just Two Years!


We broke the story, Nicole is seeking support from Dr. Dre based on the HUGE amount of income the couple made over the past few years.

In the documents, Nicole claims the couple made $95,298,910 in 2017 and $106,176,222 in 2018.

As for how you spend that much money every month?! Nicole says the couple enjoyed a private chef seven days a week, owned a fleet of luxury cars, and hired a team of full-time security staff. Also, Nicole says the couple used private jets for vacation spending time on islands like Musha Cay in the Bahamas.

Plus, she says they spent time cruising on superyachts at the whopping price of $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 a trip!

The couple's divorce is ongoing.

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