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Singer Monica Shows Vanessa Bryant Love Amid Alleged 'Extortion' Suit

By Ryan Naumann

Singer Monica is showing her friend Vanessa Bryant love and support following the lawsuit filed against Kobe’s wife.

Monica shared a photo of Vanessa, Kobe and their children captioned, “I love you & I pray you feel the positive energy & light that you truly deserve to even when the burden of others are constantly being placed upon you! Keep weathering storms, knowing that we’re right here with you! God is all knowing” with a heart emoji.

The sweet message comes after Vanessa’s mother, Sofia Lane, filed a lawsuit against her demanding a ton of money.


In the suit, Sofia claims she worked as an unpaid “longtime personal assistant and nanny” for Vanessa and her family. She also claims Kobe promised to take care of her for “the rest of her life.”

Sofia says after Kobe’s death, Vanessa took steps to void and cancel all the promises made by the late NBA star.

Vanessa ripped her mother on social media. She wrote a lengthy note on Instagram to address the lawsuit. She said, “My mother is continuing to try and find ways to extort a financial windfall from our family."


Vanessa continued, " I have supported her for nearly twenty years, and she was never my or Kobe’s personal assistant, nor was she a nanny. I have always been a stay-at-home mother, and my husband, and I were our daughter’s full-time caregivers.”

She continued, “For nearly two decades, we arranged for my mother to live in our nearby properties, at no cost to her because she had claimed that she didn’t have any money to buy her own home after her divorce.”


Vanessa says “My husband and I felt it was best for her not to live in our home. She watched our girls from time to time, just like most grandparents do. She did not take care of business issues or expenses.”

“She was a grandmother who was supported by me and her son-in-law at my request. She now wants to back charge me $96 per hour for supposedly working 12 hours a day for 18 years for watching her grandchildren.”


Vanessa added, “Her claims are obviously false but I still tried repeatedly, to work things out with my mother. Contrary to what she’s saying, I haven’t left my children’s side since the accident except to visit the cemetery to make arrangements.

She ended, “My husband never promised my mother anything, and he would be so disappointed in her behavior and lack of empathy.”

On social media, Vanessa was shown a ton of love by Kobe's fans, many noting how difficult it must be for her own mother to be suing her.

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