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Dove Cameron clothed from a shower

Dove Cameron Freezes Instagram Batting Eyelids In Strapless Fairytale Dress

By Rebecca Cukier

Dove Cameron just snagged 1 million views in one hour – what the 24-year-old gets for showcasing her etheral, flawless beauty in an other-worldly pale-pink strapless dress. Dove, followed by 39 million on Instagram and big-time promoting her "We Belong" music video, is fresh from dropping a teaser of it, with her Tuesday update showing a little behind-the-scenes action. The former Disney star, whose vocals are as stunning as her face, more than wowed the 'Gram with this one. Check it out below.

Former Disney Star Stuns Instagram

Dove Cameron in a self care selfie

Scroll for the video. Dove, who has an Emmy Award to her name and whose updates show massive brains behind that pretty face, had posed with what would be pretty ordinary for most people – standing facing the camera and just blinking.

It's never regular with the "Descendants" star. The video, showing cameras turning and on-set equipment, featured the blonde close up and wearing the powder-pink and fairytale-like dress donned in "We Belong," with Dove seen expressionless as she batted her eyelids for her fans.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Dove Cameron in a tank top selfie

A caption from Dove played right into her "We Belong" track title, reading: "We belong together and you know it. Link in bio." The link redirected fans to YouTube and to the full music video, which has clocked over 300,000 views in just seven hours. It features Dove twirling around on tip-toe, shot amid sunrise-view windows and, of course, showcasing those power vocals.

The "we" in "We Belong" refers to Dove's boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, who lives with her and has been mentioned in Dove's quarantine Byrdie zoom. More after the video.

Meaning Behind The Song

Dove Cameron enjoys a waterfall

Speaking to Genius about "We Belong," Dove said: “I’m always apart from my significant other (Thomas Doherty), no matter what, because you know, my job takes me all over the place, and usually the person that I’m with also, their job takes them all over the place."

“So that feeling of being like, ‘I wanna be here, I wanna be present ot my own life. But like, holy sh–, I’m so in love with you and we belong together,’ you know?” she added.

Boyfriend Makes Her 'Incredible Smoothies'

Dove Cameron kisses her boyfriend

Dove's boyfriend, likely the envy of every guy on Instagram, seems to be treating his girlfriend well. When Dove opened up to Byrdie, she mentioned "my lovely boyfriend" making her "these incredible smoothies in the morning" – complete with protein, collagen, and grain octane oil.

Dove did, however, reveal a side to her self-care that isn't "pretty." Ideal early rising doesn't happen, with the "Live & Maddie" alum admitting she can be in bed til noon. Dove's music video is below.

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