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Coco Austin

Rapper Ice-T's Wife Coco Proves She's A 'Freak' With Closet Booty Clip And High Heels

By Jeff Mazzeo

Coco Austin is a lady in the streets but a shoe freak in the closet!

The beautiful wife of rapper Ice-T put a lot on display on Friday. She showed off her massive collection of heels and swung her hips back and forth in a joyous celebration of everything shoes! Coco set the sultry soletry video to the hit song, "Level Up" by Ciara. This is the first time she has ever made an Instagram Reel and it definitely reeled in a few new followers.

Shoe Freak


No one has ever accused Coco of not delivering what her followers want.

"Fooling around with reels for the first time here on Instagram ..seeing if im into it or not.. should I continue with more later? #levelup #cococave #closet #shoefreak," she captioned the shoedazling clip.

Her millions of followers went nuts for the clip and expressed their desire for everything in the video... including the star herself.

"First’re so so pretty. And second...your shoe closet is heaven on earth!😍" a complimentary fan commented, while another said, "The land of high heels and pumps."

"you get more beautiful every passing day! Are you still thinking about making an onlyfans page?" a curious fan asked before she responded, "i am actually."

Check Out These Puppies!

Coco Austin and a newborn puppy.

The stunning model's Instagram feed is pretty much the best thing on the internet lately because it is filled with tons of smoking hot pics and puppies! The proud mom, and pet mom, just got a lot busier because of her new litter of doggies.

"I've been living in puppyland lately.. Ive got so many pics of these little guys I don't know which to post before I overload you ....overload you with maybe too much cuteness ..Haha," Autin wrote on social media.

She continued, "I tell ya one thing though.. they love to lay on their backs and love to be held and cuddled ..also for some reason all the puppies like to suck on my chin .. No names picked out yet still waiting to see how their personalities develop. They're only 2 weeks old and just started to opened their eyes,"

Feeding Frenzy Joke

Coco Austin and her daughter.

The 41-year-old star doesn't take herself too seriously and knows how to crack a good breastfeeding joke. Coco has been an outspoken supporter of breastfeeding and tries to remove the stigma surrounding the natural process. However, she receives a lot of blowback from parents who think her 4-year-old daughter is too old to latch on.

Last week, she shared a funny meme of a baby with white hair still sucking down a meal. "When people ask how long I'm going to breastfeed for," the meme read.

"Lol... only nursing mamas would understand this! Kinda creepy but still made me laugh. I showed Chanel this pic and she said , "Is that Trump?" Haha," Austin joked.

Fans Want More Reality

Coco Austin with pink hair.

We think the star wanted to test the waters earlier this week and see if the temperature was right to reprise her reality show, "Ice Loves Coco."

"Like this pic if you were a fan of our show, "Ice loves Coco" .. I want to see how many of you are on Instagram 🥰," she wrote.

There were actually a lot of fans that sounded off in the comments section of her post.

"Please bring it back!!!! Loved that show," one obsessed fan wrote, while another said, "I had soooo much fun watching it !! Loved it, big fan of you and Ice on Law and Order as well 🤗❤️."

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