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Tawny Antle with a cheetah

'Tiger King' Doc Antle's Daughter Reveals X-Rated Wild Side

Tawny Antle / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Controversial "Tiger King" star Dr. Bhagavan Antle may be the King of the Jungle at his wildlife preserve in South Carolina, but his daughter is now emerging as the Queen of the Jungle after revealing a well-hidden wild side that has her stripping down for fierce photo shoots. 25-year-old Tawny Antle keeps the duality of her personas separated, as she appears to be both a mild-mannered animal caregiver and a popular video model with an impressive catalogue of uncensored content, including an growing OnlyFans page.

Cute & Cuddly

Tawny Antle taking a selfie
Tawny Antle / Instagram

Tawny Sky Antle doesn't take as big of a role in the operations as her brother, Kody, at the infamous Myrtle Beach Safari, but she is regularly seen on Instagram playing with the park's exotic animals, and is also featured on the Myrtle Beach Safari's official website.

"Visiting Africa, going with my father on photo shoots, and best of all helping preserve and protect the most beautiful creatures in the world—I wouldn’t trade this life for anything,” a quote attributed to her on the site reads.

Adults Only

Tawny Antle blowing a kiss to camera
Skyy Baby / Instagram

It has recently been discovered that Tawny Antle also has a wild side, where she calls herself Skyy Baby the Jungle Queen and serves up a plethora of provocative photos and videos with other models in town. Tawny's R-Rated Instagram account only boasts around 5,000 fans at the moment, but she can be seen posing in lingerie, and less, while also touting her other adult-oriented ventures, like her OnlyFans page.

It's likely that Tawny's father, Doc Antle, knows about her double-life, but she appears to keep the adult content separated from the family-friendly animal pics.

Working & Twerking

Skyy Baby / Instagram

Tawny Antle has recently taken the route of many other models and cam girls, and even some big name celebrities, and launched an OnlyFans page to deliver uncensored content to fans for a premium subscription-based fee.

Tawny's page, which already has almost 200 photos and over 70 uncensored videos, touts that she is "100% NATURAL," while directing fans to "Suck on my toes" and "Kiss on my booty."

Recently, she was seen at a house party with a ton of other models who were engaging in a ton of twerking and slapping.

Facing Charges


Tawny's OnlyFans page currently has a $20 per month subscription fee, or an annual cost of $240. The timing of her new career venture is interesting, considering she, and other family members, were just charged with federal crimes in a wide-sweeping investigation handled by federal wildlife officials.

According to a release last month from the Attorney General of Virginia, "Tiger King" star Doc Antle was charged with one felony count of wildlife trafficking, one felony count of conspiracy to wildlife traffic, and 13 additional misdemeanor charges.

Tawny was also charged with one misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals and one misdemeanor count of violating the Endangered Species Act.

Since being charged, Doc Antle has maintained his entire family's innocence.

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