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Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler Uses 'I Voted' Stickers As Pasties & Tells Fans Not To Be Intimidated

By Jeff Mazzeo

Chelsea Handler certainly found an interesting way to use those "I Voted" stickers!

The beautiful comedienne ditched her shirt to prove that she voted on Tuesday. The buxom blonde barely covered up with the stickers handed out at the polls and included in the mail-in ballots. She excitedly raised her hands up and stated, "I have voted!" It's pretty obvious that she is very confident and passionate but she is also very savoy and knows how to get her... messages out there!

Doing Her Part

Chelsea Handler in sweats.

Handler used her thirst trap to tell her followers not to be intimidated at the polls.

"Please don't let anybody intimidate you on the voting line," she said. "I know it can be intimidating when people have guns in the State of Michigan which is ridiculous."

She is a staunch Democrat and she urged her Michigan fans to elect the Democrat Justices. Chelsea stated they would not allow people to bring guns to the polls in the future.

"PSA: Democracy means that every vote is counted! If you see something that doesn't look right at the polls, or need help voting, call the nonpartisan Election Protection Hotline: (866) 687-8683 🗳 My apologies to my nieces and nephews," she wrote alongside her voter thirst trap.

Models are Impressed With Her Physique

Chelsea Handler in a mask bra.

The 45-year-old's killer bod left some very famous models impressed when she encouraged everyone to wear a mask earlier this year. She found an interesting way to attach two masks and make a bra for a scantily clad P.S.A. (are you starting to see a pattern?). Her post earned high praise from Ashley Graham and Kate Upton.

"Your boobs are amazing," Ashley wrote before Handler replied, "so are yours, baby. Imagine if I had some milk?"

"I’m glad you are protecting those perfect boobies!" Kate exclaimed.

Chelsea quickly responded, "we with the big boobies have to protect them. You know what I’m up against, sister!"

Fan Of Bush

Chelsea Handler with her bathroom plant.

Tuesday's sticker extravaganza was the first time that she resorted to some physical comedy. She stripped down on National Voter Registration Day and took a bathroom selfie with one hand. Chelsea proudly flaunted her giant bush as she covered up the best she could... unfortunately, the Instagram gods deemed the photo too risque for their platform.

We never thought that Handler was a fan of Bush... does that make her a Republican? We are just joking, she is definitely not a fan of 45.

Breaking Up With 50 Cent... Again

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent.

Handler fired off a jab at her ex-boyfriend last month after 50 Cent's humourous 62% tax plan Instagram post went viral and made national news. 50 Cent and Chelsea briefly dated in 2010 but have remained friends ever since. In fact, the former talk show host often calls the rapper her "favorite ex" but she has since changed her opinion.

"You used to be my favorite ex-boyfriend," Handler tweeted out.

50 seemed to be genuinely sad about Chelsea's comment... or at least jokingly sad.

"🤦‍♂️oh my God this is affecting my love life now. @chelseahandler I love ya Gator, don’t let Trump and joe Biden come between us girl," the rapper captioned a picture of Chelsea's tweet.

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