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MLB Star Yasiel Puig Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman In Staples Center Bathroom

By Liz Walters

MLB star Yasiel Puig is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman on Halloween of 2018, inside a restroom at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and now she has filed a lawsuit against the former L.A. Dodgers slugger.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, a woman filed a lawsuit against Puig under the name Jane Roe, to protect her identity and says she was "forced into a bathroom and Yasiel Puig grabbed at her trying to take her clothes off, touched her sexual organs during this struggle."

In the documents, the woman claims the MLB player "eventually pinned her with one arm and used his other to stroke his own penis, exposing himself, and eventually ejaculating."

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MLB Star Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman In Restroom


It's unclear where inside the Staple's Center this alleged incident occurred, but the stadium is where the Los Angeles Lakers play their home games.

In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Court, the woman says she continues to describe the alleged horrific encounter with Puig by stating he "intended to place her in great apprehension of offensive contact with her and he caused an imminent fear of harmful or offensive contact with her sexual organ, groin, and/or buttocks, and a sexually offensive contact."

The woman claims after the incident she now has some 'permanent disability.'

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Alleged Victim Claims She Sustained 'Injuries' To Her Body


In the lawsuit, the alleged victim describes her injuries and says they are an "a direct result of the conduct of Puig" and "she was injured and hurt in her health, strength, and activity, sustaining injuries to her body, and shock and injury to her nervous system and person, as well as psychological and emotional injuries."

The woman believes and alleges that her injuries will result in some permanent disability, and is suing the MLB for damages in excess of $50,000. In the documents, she claims to have "been compelled to employ the services of hospitals, physicians, surgeons, nurses and the like, to care for and treat her and has incurred hospital, medical, professional, and incidental expenses.."

It's Unclear If Incident Is Under Investigation By Law Enforcement


In the documents, the woman claims she was "simply heading to use the bathroom" -- and was not going to the restroom with the intention of having any sort of sexual encounter with Puig.

It's unclear if the woman contacted the LAPD over the incident, or if law enforcement is investigating the MLB star for the alleged assault.

But, the date of the alleged incident does line up with an NBA game where the Lakers took on the Dallas Mavericks game at Staples Center. Plus, there are photos of the baseball player sitting courtside.

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