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Mackenzie McKee staring into the camera

'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Shows Ripped Abs for Tribute Run

Mackenzie McKee / Instagram
By Gary Trock

"Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie McKee is showing the aftermath of an intense cardio session that went down after the MTV reality star says she heard her late mother giving her the inspiration to get out and celebrate life. 26-year-old McKee took to Instagram over the weekend and shared with her 1 million followers what inspired her to hit the streets that morning for a run.

"Woke up at 7 and heard my moms voice loud and clear say 'get up and run for me," McKee wrote to fans.

Angie Loved Running

Mackenzie McKee after her run
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

Mackenzie McKee is incredibly fit and flaunted her ripped abs to fans, along with a blue fanny pack with the word "party" inscribed on the front.

Continuing to speak about her late mother, Angie Douthit, McKee wrote:

"If you know her you know she loves to run. And I wanted to somehow spend this day for her. I grabbed my glucometer, snacks, and Fannypack and took off."

McKee's ongoing battle with Type 1 diabetes has been chronicled on "Teen Mom OG," so she regularly travels with her glucometer and some snacks.

Just Kept Going

Angie Douthit and Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

McKee was a regular old "Forrest Gump" when she hit the streets to go out for a run, explaining that she kept on going and going until she had racked up over 13 miles ... and she didn't do it alone.

"Planned on 5 miles. But felt so good I kept going. Talked to mom, God, and felt so blessed. At mile 10 I heard her tell me what she always told us kids “ALWAYS FINISH” so To my suprise I did the full half marathon."

Dealing With Emotions

Mackenzie McKee smiling into the camera
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

The MTV reality star said the half-marathon distance left her physically and emotionally drained:

"I cried at the end I wanted to just hug her so bad. But Everyday I strive to make her proud. I’ve crawled out of such a dark scary place and worked so hard to get here."

She added, "This run wasn’t me though. It was God and my mom. Because trust me. I don’t just wake up and run half marathons 😂 miss you momma. Ps.mtv surprised me with my favorite cookies and it was perfect after my run. Here’s to 26 but still feeling 16."

Turning To God

Angie Douthit died in December 2019 after a 2-year long battle with cancer. She was regularly featured on "Teen Mom," and fans were devastated when she passed. McKee has been very open about her emotional rollercoaster, as she was extremely close with her mother. Since Angie's death, McKee has also spoken about turning to God to find strength.

"I have faced a lot of dark in my life lately. So much of it I don’t understand and when I found myself at rock bottom, I asked myself “what would mom tell me to do”? Life is no longer as simple as picking up the phone and calling her anymore. So Im doing what I know she would tell me to do which is to turn to the Bible.

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