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Simone Biles poses glancing over her shoulder

Simone Biles Flaunts Pierced Gymnast Body In Unusual Bikini

By Rebecca Cukier

Simone Biles kept her chest piercing under wraps, but she showed another one via her Tuesday Instagram share. The 23-year-old gymnast – now the world's most-decorated – updated her account today with a little bikini action from L.A. – Simone might come with a leotard for the day job, but the Ohio native is a swimwear lover over on her Instagram.

Simone, who caused a giant hoopla this month by removing her chest piercing for a lime green bikini snap, upgraded her swimwear today for something a little unusual. Check it out below.

Ditching Standard Bikinis

Simone Biles poses in a lime green bikini

Scroll for the photo. The above one saw Simone's 3.9 million followers spot a "dark" spot on her chest where the February-debuted sternum piercing had been removed.

Today's shots, chilled as usual, showed Simone kicking back in a woven terrace chair and near floor-to-ceiling windows. The 30-time Olympic and World medalist, now told her "abs have abs," was showcasing her rock-hard torso, thighs, and strong arms in a floral two-piece, although the top wasn't quite the bikini standard. Closer to a t-shirt and knotted with a cropped finish, it was, however, perfect for flashing Simone's belly piercing.

'It's The Swimsuit And The Abs For Me'

Simone Biles poses in a bikini with a t-shirt style top

Scroll for more photos, and Simone's captions – this is a girl who tells her fans how to "get a bikini body." The solution, per Simone, is to "put a bikini on your body." A simple caption from the star read: "LA" with a blue-heart emoji.

Simone's fans, leaving her over 80,000 likes in three hours, are all.over.the.abs. "Your abs have abs" was accompanied by "It's the swimsuit and the abs for me" as two fans complimented the insane muscles.

"Can I borrow your stomach for a few days?" another jokingly asked.

A Bikini For Every Mood, Including 'Tiger King'

Simone Biles poses in a tiger-print bikini in a pool

Simone, also in the news this fall for going Instagram-official with new NFL player boyfriend Jonathan Owens, has not cooled down the bikini action, even if temperatures are set to fall. The star updated on September 20 in her lime green bikini for a total 260,000+ likes, even getting a like from "WAP" rapper Cardi B.

There's a bikini for every mood, though. Seemingly, also for every phase of quarantine, with early parts of the pandemic bringing a tiger-print bikini and "Sun Baskin'" caption – clearly, a reference to Netflix series "Tiger King." More after the new boyfriend selfie.

'God Made Me This Way'

Simone Biles poses at a table and winking with a drink

In August, Simone landed her first Vogue cover. The lengthy feature, seeing Biles admit she didn't see that many black gymnasts growing up, also saw her speak of criticism she received in early parts of her career. Her "hair" and "legs" were scrutinized, she said, adding:

"But God made me this way, and I feel like if I didn’t have these legs or these calves, I wouldn’t be able to tumble as high as I can and have all of these moves named after me.”

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