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'90 Day Fiancé' Star Larissa dos Santos Lima Talks Death Threats After ICE Arrest

By Ryan Naumann

“90 Day Fiancé” star Larissa dos Santos Lima is firing back at trolls questioning whether she lied about her ICE arrest.

The reality star has had enough of people on social media saying she lied about the recent incident. She wrote, “What I want to say, People are taking advantage of my situation posting false information and making speculations. Since day one, my name has been on the blast. Daily, I receive threats of all kinds, even rape and death, written in words that would make any sane person go insane.


She added, “It appears to have become an obsession and even an occupation for some people to constantly post about me in the most degrading and abusive ways.”

Over the weekend, Larissa was arrested by ICE while packing up for a move from Nevada to Colorado. She was taken into custody and processed by Homeland Security. Larissa was placed in “removal proceedings” in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act. The reality star was given a hearing date where a judge will determine if she stays in America or is deported back to Brazil.


Larissa reposted a message from a fan that called out those doubting her recent arrest by ICE. The post read, “Larissa doesn’t need anymore publicity than she already has. She’s the most talked about cast member on this season whether you love her or hate her and between her recent surgeries, the Cam Soda deal with she made 100k off of, her recent move with Eric and her onlyfans she was already swimming in publicity and this would have been overkill.”


The fan added, “To the people who are saying that Larissa forged these documents that would be that last thing she’d do – That’s a felony in itself – why risk her freedom?”

Many fans have been showing Larissa support during the whole ordeal. One wrote, “You have been working with an immigration lawyer, you have a work permit, you paid taxes. Everything you have done since your divorce has been in accordance with immigration laws. The last thing you would do is pull a stupid stunt for publicity that could jeopardize all that.”

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