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Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler Flashes Her Bush To Prove She's 'Vote Ready'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Chelsea Handler is not above dirty tactics when it comes to getting people to vote!

The comedian resorted to some physical comedy on Tuesday to encourage her millions of fans to register to vote on National Voter Registration Day. She stripped down and took a bathroom selfie with one hand. Chelsea proudly flaunted her giant bush as she covered up the best she could... gotta keep the pic IG safe. The hot 45-year-old blonde will use her body if it means her fans will get a laugh and take action in the upcoming election.

Check Out Her Bush

Chelsea Handler's bush.

We never thought that Handler was a fan of Bush... does that make her a Republican? We are just joking, she is a staunch Democrat and she is definitely not a fan of 45.

"Swipe to see more 👅💦 #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #VoteReady," she captioned her sultry pic.

If fans happened to swipe, they were gifted with voter registration resources and not more skin. She's a trickster! Her fans found the whole post very amusing.

"What even is that thing?!?!🤣" a flabbergasted fan asked before Chelsea quickly replied, "A bush on my peekachu."

"Yes thirst trapping for the election / polls!" an enthusiastic follower commented.

Just Peachy

Chelsea Handler's peach.

Chelsea is no stranger to using objects to make sure her pictures don't violate Instagram's code of conduct. Back in August, she showed off her peachy behind... the legit backside of a peach. It was used to cover up her toned booty and she playfully stated that she finally reached her fitness goal.

"Finally! I did it! @benbrunotraining, we can scrap that glutes goal. It turns out...I’m an actual peach!" she joked.

Talk about reality VS Instagram!

Hey, Nice Masks!

Chelsea Handler wearing three masks.

In July, she took to Instagram to encourage fans to wear masks but we are not sure she was wearing all of them properly. She used two masks tied together to make an improntu top and proceeded to do some lunges. She had great form!

Her clever mask P.S.A. sparked some of the most beautiful women in the world to take a real interest in her upper half and her message.

"Your boobs are amazing," Ashley Graham wrote before Handler replied, "so are yours, baby. Imagine if I had some milk?"

"I’m glad you are protecting those perfect boobies!" Kate Upton exclaimed.

Chelsea quickly responded, "we with the big boobies have to protect them. You know what I’m up against, sister!"

Good Visual Metaphors


Some may say that Handler is a snowflake but she is one creative snowflake! She thought up a cool demonstration to express her love for ice and her dislike of ICE.

"I love ice, I love ice in my drinks," she stated, "but I like them away from border control and family separation, cheers!"

Her use of comedy to express her beliefs has been working for several years and one specific fan encouraged her to keep up the good work.

"I've been watching you since 2007 (I was way too young to be watching Chelsea Lately lol), your growth and continued outspokenness has made me so proud to be a fan of yours," the follower wrote.

"Thank you sister! ❤️" Chelsea happily replied.

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