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Sophie Turner with epic backdrop

Sophie Turner Wows Looking Like She Was Never Even Pregnant In New Photos

Instagram @Sophie Turner
By Jacob Highley

Sophie Turner is among some of the most popular new parent couples over the last two months. The 24-year-old “Game Of Thrones” actress was not so successful as some of her peers in terms of keeping things secret though. At the beginning of this year Sophie was pictured with her husband Joe Jonas on several occasions wearing what many thought looked like baggy clothing to cover up.

Turns out the rumors were true and not long after sources revealed that Sophie and Joe were indeed expecting their first child together.

'I Felt That In My Soul'

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas together at party
Instagram @Sophie Turner

Fans shared how much they enjoyed seeing Sophie celebrate Joe’s birthday several weeks ago (which is actually the most recent social media activity from her online currently) and oddly enough Sophie called Joe her “Baby Daddy”:

“Not me almost crashing my car when you posted this lol” (Commentator)

“Baby daddy 🤧 I felt that in my soul” (Commentator)


“So cute 💯new parents congrats.” (Commentator)

“You are the most amazing couple, I love you so much 💛” (Commentator on Instagram)

'Working Out In My Favor'

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in pool
Instagram @Sophie Turner

Ironically, in March of this year Sophie shared how she was forced to stay home in quarantine during the Coronaviru shut-downs, but actually didn’t mind it all that much! She told Conan (who was interviewing her) that Joe doesn’t like being cooped up, but she’s totally all for it.

“'Joe and I... everything seems to be working out in my favor here because Joe is a real social butterfly and I struggle to lock him down and just spend time with me. It's like a prison for him, but it's great for me.'”

'Get Drunk'

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner together at restaurant
Instagram @Sophie Turner

This was a unique experience for her and Joe because it brought them closer together in a time when they may not have had the ability to be home so often. It was also thought to be a bit of a good time for Sophie since it has now been confirmed that she was fully pregnant at the time of the interview!

This made it good for her to relax and, according to Sophie, “get drunk”.

“'I'm like, all you have to do is stay at home at like get drunk at home, it's great,” - Sophie

Baby Pics Wanted

Sophie Turner on the red carpet / MEGA

Although rather paradoxical considering how Turner was enjoying wine and chill while carrying her first child, reports have come out that their daughter is fully healthy and they aren’t showing her for privacy reasons.

Fans are still dying to get a glimpse of the newborn, but for now, it appears followers will have to be content waiting for another social media update from the love birds. Joe has been occasionally posting as well, though most of the updates are not family-related in most cases.

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