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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry photographed together

It's 'Unfathomable" That The Obamas Didn't Help Harry And Meghan Sign Netflix Deal, Says Insider

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By Chris Barilla

Since re-establishing themselves in the United States, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been quite busy getting all of the new elements of their new life into order, namely their new post-Royal life business ventures.

The couple has since signed a deal with Netflix worth $150 million, with terms that very closely resemble that offered to the Obamas by the same streaming giant. According to 'Vanity Fair' Royal Correspondent, Katie Nicholl, this is no accident. Despite the former President claiming no affiliation to the former Royal, Nicholl says it is "unfathomable" that they haven't discussed plans together before.


"The Obamas are certainly a model that the Sussexes are aspiring to," Nicholl led off her argument about how the two power couples worked closely​ together to establish the terms of their mega-powerful Netflix deals.

"Not only has the Netflix deal kept the Obamas very much in the public profile since leaving office, it's also earned them a huge income," she went on to explain of how the duality of fame and fortune drew in not only the Obamas, but now the Duke and Duchess as well.

Meghan Markle photographed candidly
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"That is something both Meghan and Harry want to do," Nicholl continued, per 'Express'.

"They have a very tight-knit team over there and as well as that professional team surrounding them, they are certainly taking advice if not from the Obamas themselves," she candidly continued, saying that there is a very good chance that the reason behind the couple's almost unprecendentedly good contract terms with Netflix is due to some Obama influence, despite the former President and his wife denying ever doing such.


"I know the Obamas have denied giving the couple any advice, but I find it almost unfathomable that they wouldn't have had discussions," Nicholl went on to say, adding, "Particularly given that the Netflix deal so closely mirrors the deal the Obamas signed."

Beyond their alleged talks with the Obamas, Nicholl says that the couple setting in Montecito, a very private community with many high-profile residents allows them to exist in the most exlusive of social circles and be afforded information/opportunities others may not.

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"But don't forget in their new community in Montecito, they've got Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey as neighbors​," the Royal insider claimed, continuing by saying, "They are plugged into a very powerful, influential and successful network, and that is no accident."

Regardless, only time will tell what comes of the Duke and Duchess' television plans. With the 'Daily Mail' calling the massive play a "no-chance fail," it seems as though things are poised positively for the couple as they further navigate post-Royal life.

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