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Mark Wahlberg playin golf

Mark Wahlberg Is Totally Ripped In New Pic With Wife Rhea Durham On Instagram

Gettyimages | Sam Greenwood
By Jacob Highley

Mark Wahlberg recently shared a picture on his Instagram where he can be seen fully shirtless with his swimsuit-clad wife Rhea Durham. The 49-year-old “Boogie Nights” actor has apparently kept up his fitness routines very well, as he and his wife both look superb.

Wahlberg shared how he spends 5 days a week working out and how he is often pushing his wife to exercise as well. His interviedw with Men’s Health was truly insightful, especially since the actor has been self-quarantining with his family.

'5 Days A Week'

Mark Wahlberg with hoodie
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“I’m still training five days a week, but now my wife is with me. I feel like I’m a human alarm clock. I’m pushing her to get down there. . . . The rest of the day, I’m eating more and drinking more wine than I normally would.”

Mark also shared how he has basically been maintaining his fitness levels and keeping up with his health while waiting for the opportunity to work normally again without so many social distancing rules and quarantines.



“I’m just maintaining until I get the word that we might be going back to work. Then I’ll get super disciplined again.”

After going to prison for 45 days in his youth, Mark explained how his life took a new direction when he decided to be a better man both in habit and in moral values.

“I got to a point where I said, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore,’ I knew the only way I could be successful was by working hard and doing the right thing.”

Direction Of Trouble

Mark Wahlberg with hat on
Instagram @Mark Wahlberg

Mark has tried to pass down his work-out ethic and love for personal improvement to his children, though they aren’t the most enthusiastic.

“The gym was in the exact opposite direction of trouble. You know, it’s funny, because my kids came down to the gym today after the workout and my two sons are super athletic, but they’re like, ‘Oh, Dad, you’re a try-hard. You know, all you want to do is be buff.’ I said, ‘You should be training right now, too. You’re going to want to be in shape later.’”

'Challenge Myself'

Mark Wahlberg and familyg together
Instagram @Mark Wahlberg

Mark also shared that he is constantly challenged by his career path. Being an actor in various movies requires that he shift workout goals and sometimes even beat some of his all-time low weight goals to be in the best shape possible.

““The fun thing about my job is that it’s constantly forcing me to challenge myself and change.”

His wife is a big supporter of Mark, and she has been married to him since 2009. They regularly enjoy fun times out and they build their family the best they can.

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