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An awesome photo caught in motion, showing Beyoncé dressed in a suit design dress as she flips her hair.

Beyoncé Trolled On Instagram For Using A White Butler In Her New Movie ‘Black Is King’

Instagram | Beyoncé
By Favour

Beyoncé always has the support of majority of her fans and they would never sit back and watch people troll her for no reason. Twitter became an automatic hot zone recently as fans colluded with trolls who criticized the singer’s choice of cast in her new upcoming film titled “Black Is King.”

According to reports, some people were annoyed that Beyoncé included a white butler in her film that was supposed to be solely about black people and their culture. However, this did not sit well with her fans, hence, the backlash on social media.

Beyoncé looks absolutely gorgeous in this one-sided selfie showing her wearing a diamond earring.
Instagram | Beyoncé

Since the release of the movie’s trailer, fans have been on their toes, waiting for the moment it would be released on Disney+, which is July 31, 2020.

The movie is a visual album, almost like her past album titled “Lemonade.” It was also written and produced by the mother-of-three.

The trailer for the film was recently released and it gave fans insight into what they should expect from the film. It detailed the life of a young black African king.

A photo of Beyoncé rocking a long red dress and sneakers as she poses with one knee on the floor.
Instagram | Beyoncé

This young King had to go through all sorts of predicaments, ranging from betrayal to identity and love. All this, was to take back back the crown that belonged to him in the first place.

The trailer also showed this young King, getting the guidance and instructions of his long-time lover and ancestors. They help him navigate through the world, experiencing the good, bad and worst situations.

Screenshots from the trailer was shared on social media and the content was not received joyfully by some critics.

Giphy | The Undefeated

The photos showed that Beyoncé used a white man as a butler in the movie and a lot of people were furious about this. Nevertheless, her fans were ready to come to her defense and that is exactly what they did.

Poptingz, an entertainment website, put out a statement on Twitter showing their support for Queen Bey and her new film.

“Queen Bey always takes risks & receives backlash to reveal elements of society. Which ultimately starts conversations like this one. Beyoncé we support you, we’re proud of you.” The one said.

An awesome photo showing Beyoncé sporting a diamond choker.
Gettyimages | BET Awards 2020

Many fans insisted that usually, in most movies, butlers are often white men, so they did not see anything wrong in Beyoncé using one for her film. Others were quick to talk about gender reversal and how some people would not have a problem with a black person in the midst of white men and women.

It seems like fans were prepared for this battle of words on Twitter as they did not spare anyone who tried to demean Beyoncé or the project she has put together.

What do you think about “Black Is King?” Let us know in the comment section below.

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