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Courtney Stodden in the street

Courtney Stodden Pitied For Washing Car In American Flag Bikini

Gettyimages | JB Lacroix
By Rebecca Cukier

Courtney Stodden's 4th of July fun has taken a sad turn. The 25-year-old model, singer, and reality star best known for being a teen bride and marrying "The Green Mile" actor Doug Hutchison when he was 51 and she was just 16 kicked off Independence Day early this year – Courtney was already celebrating in her U.S. flag bikini on Friday, with photos of the blonde going calendar girl style seeing her get soapy as she cheerfully washed a car in her skimpy swimwear.

Comments to the "Marriage Boot Camp" face now see her pitied.

Called A 'Poor Thing'

Courtney Stodden poses in a bikini on the beach
Courtney Stodden/Instagram

Click here for the photos – scroll for more. The snaps taken on L.A. streets showed Courtney sun-drenched and nailing the bikini bombshell fun. The star who has recently made headlines for her hot tub video with "90210" actor Brian Austin Green was seen flaunting her stunning curves in a red-and-white striped bikini with blue piping, also holding giant sponges in each hand and wearing sky-high heels.

Courtney's holiday weekend spirit was up, but remarks over in The Daily Mail's comments section are now topped by "so sad." More below.

Getting Compared To Anna Nicole Smith

Courtney Stodden poses in a blue top
Courtney Stodden/Instagram

Over 200 users liked a comment suggesting that Stodden is "[desperate]," with a user also throwing Britney Spears into their thoughts. "I have empathy for her the way I do for Britney Spears. Their parents have let them both down. They may have taken different directions but both have been abused and have used in excess to numb their pain and both are incredibly fragile souls," they wrote.

Courtney recently made headlines for rawly revealing that her father Alex doesn't want "anything" to do with her.

'Poor Girl Needs Help'

Courtney Stodden poses in a bikini in the sea
Courtney Stodden/Instagram

One user wrote: "This poor girl needs so much help and doesn't see it." Many comments also likened Sotten to deceased actress Anna Nicole Smith.

"Anna Nicole Smith comes to mind. She looks sad and alone all the time, with the exception of the person taking her pictures. Never a picture of her with girlfriends her age, only with men who only want one thing then they're gone," a fan wrote.

Courtney also gained remarks for her buzz with Brian Austin Green. Following a joint outing to a Mexican eatery in June, the two appeared on Courtney's Instagram in a hot tub video that Brian has stated was filmed over a month ago.

Felt 'Groomed' And 'Taken Advantage Of' During Teen Marriage

Courtney Stodden in a dress with Doug Hutchison
Gettyimages | Jesse Grant

2020 marked Courtney and ex-husband Doug's divorce being finalized – they married in 2010, being on-off until Courtney filed for divorce in 2017. Earlier this year, Courtney took to Instagram to tease a tell-all book, with a lengthy caption stating that she felt "groomed" and "taken advantage of" during her marriage. "I’ve been scared to even speak up about feeling groomed or being verbally abused during the almost 10 year marriage because I was a child and he was 50," she wrote.

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