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A photo showing Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z looking radiant in green and pink outfits on a field.

Jay-Z’s Fear Of Losing Beyoncé May Have Prompted A Proposal

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Beyoncé Knowles is a wonderful artist and performer, a hard worker, a talented actress and a brilliant producer. That’s not all; she is also an amazing role model, mother and wife. No doubt, anyone who’s put in Beyoncé’s shoes has to work very hard to get by every day.

He or she also has to be able to make time out for family no matter what. Whew! Being Beyoncé is a school that many would likely not graduate from if given the chance.

Beyoncé Knowles looks breath-taking my stunning in this green color two-piece shit and white pumps to match.
Instagram | Beyoncé

With all the hard work that she puts herself through in her career line, her husband, Jay-Z would no doubt get worried at times. It is reportedly out of this worrisome behavior that he quickly proposed to the “Brown Skin Girl” singer.

Beyoncé began her music and performing career at a very young age and with the support of her parents, she came into the spotlight fully prepared. Houston born and determined, Beyoncé started earning the respect and adoration for her talents, from her friends and teachers at school.

Beyoncé Knowles pulls off the gangster pose in a long & flappy orange dress and sneakers to match.
Instagram | Beyoncé

When everyone knew what she would become eventually, they have her the support and love she needed. At a point in her life, Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, was her manager, when she was part of a girl group known as “Destiny’s Child.”

Although the group became so famous and revered throughout the world, Beyoncé was still determined to go solo and that is exactly what she did. She remained in touch with her friends turned sisters in the group and moved on to a solo career in 2001.

Beyoncé Knowles looks gorgeous in this sweatshirt design outfit.
Instagram | Beyoncé

In no time, Beyoncé became one of the most popular artists and celebrities in the world. She released several chart-topping albums and singles, some of which, was with the help of Jay-Z.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z met for the first time when she was 18 years old and they became very close friends. However, their relationship likely began after a year. Back then and now, people always saw them as a power couple, and though they were, they still had a lot of things to struggle through.

Giphy | NBA

Sometime in 2005, the couple decided to take a break for a while, away from each other. Although they did not make an announcement about this, as hey wanted to keep it private. However, there were speculations on social media, that one of the reasons the couple decided to take a break, was because Jay-Z was caught cheating.

Another indication however, could have been Beyoncé being married to her career. Even the Rich podcast revealed that Jay-Z was very worried he would lose Beyoncé again, that's why he proposed to her immediately they got back together.

The wedding was held in a private location and the guests were asked not to bring their smart phones along.

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