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Anna and Josh Duggar with six children

Will Josh Duggar Appear in Upcoming Episodes of 'Counting On'?

Anna Duggar | Instagram
By A. Elise

Many viewers are looking forward to the upcoming season of ‘Counting On’ on TLC. The reality show follows the lives of Duggar family members, including the married adults in the family. Family patriarch and matriarch Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have had their children on television since they had a mere 14 children. Now, they have 19.

Of course, there is one Duggar you won’t see on ‘Counting On’: Josh Duggar. Numerous scandals led TLC to stop showing Josh on the network.

Anna and Josh Duggar lighting candle at wedding
Anna Duggar | Instagram

Is there a chance that he could make an appearance on the new season beginning on June 30?

Josh and his wife, Anna, have six children together. Anna and their children have appeared on ‘Counting On’ over the years, but Josh has been largely ignored since the initial episodes of the series addressed the scandal. In the first episodes, Anna discussed the betrayal of her husband cheating on her. The rest of the family also discussed the sexual abuse allegations against Josh.

Anna and Josh Duggar with six children
Anna Duggar | Instagram

None of this is a coincidence. Josh Duggar is purposefully left off the show, and right now it is unlikely that he will be asked to appear.

In fact, TLC has gone through great lengths to ensure that Josh does not appear on screen. Camera work and editing tricks have made it possible to keep Josh off-camera or avoidable on screen. For instance, a shot of Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s wedding involved a sun flare to hide Josh standing in a group of onlookers.

Jim Bob, Michelle, Anna, and Josh Duggar with baby
Anna Duggar | Instagram

Fortunately for the Duggar family, they have many other children they can put on ‘Counting On,’ including various in-laws and grandchildren.

The scandals really hit the family hard in May of 2015 when it was revealed that Josh had groped five young girls when he was a teenager. The family confirmed that the rumors were true. Later the same year, Josh was discovered to have been a paying member of the website Ashley Madison, which encouraged married people to have affairs.

Duggar family at bowling alley
Anna Duggar | Instagram

Jim Bob and Michelle regularly post photos of Josh with his family, and it is rumored that Anna and Josh live on the family’s property. They have seemingly forgiven him for his transgressions, unlike TLC, who cancelled “19 Kids and Counting” because of the news.

Many of Joshua's siblings, including Jill Dillard and Jinger Vuolo, do not regularly post photos of him on social media. It is clear that Joshua has created a lot of division in the family, but TLC seems set on its stance.

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