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Joe Jonas and Sophie turner dressed up

Joe Jonas & Pregnant Sophie Turner Attend '#BlackLivesMatter' Rally

Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz
By Jacob Highley

Joe Jonas, famous pop singer and member of the rebooted boy band the “Jonas Brothers”, posted an update on his social media showing pictures and a video of himself with his wife Sophie Turner attending a #BlackLivesMatter rally.

Sophie Turner, a famous model, and actress is currently pregnant but decided to go anyway. She echoed the chanting cry of those gathered saying “No Justice No Peace”, while her hubby Joe captioned his update saying “Black Lives Matter”.

The overwhelming support from fans on their social media says a lot about how the populace feels about these protests.

At The Rally

Joe Jonas with black guy
Instagram @Joejonas

Joe had previously observed “#BlackoutTuesday” along with a plethora of business and prominent figures across social media. Sophie’s update showing the two of them at the latest rally is the first time she’s made a social media update since she posted a picture of “Black Lives Matter” last week.

Joe’s first post addressing the death of George Floyd last week was less eloquent and lengthy compared to some, preferring to be straight to the point. He called for those reading to sign a petition calling for justice for the slain black man.


Sophie Turner in white dress
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

This new racial trends that have overtaken over America has led to many government officials and representatives prostrating themselves on the ground with their hand behind their backs. The cry of “No Justice No Peace” has left political commentators stunned by the sudden rise in popularity that these groups have attained.

Joe captioned one of his posts talking about the death of Floyd saying: “Heartbroken again at the news of another man’s life senselessly being taken. We MUST do better.”

Celebrities Slammed

Joe Jonas with hat
Instagram @sophiet

Sophie has not made many comments on the matter but was seen in one of the videos holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign while chanting with the crowd.

It would seem criticisms from more conservative journalists like Tucker Carlson and media outlets have gone unnoticed by most as they continue to condemn these formerly violent groups and everyone who associates with them.

The criticisms have also been directed explicitly at celebrities who have not only endorsed these radical groups but have actually bailed out protesters who were arrested for violence.

'White Privilege'

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in pool
Instagram @sophiet

Some individuals like Selena Gomez have actually given complete control of their social media profiles to black groups to make their message known to the millions who follow them.

Interviews with these celebrities have proven difficult for most outlets due to the Coronavirus, but those who have the opportunity to discuss their reasons for supporting the Black Lives Matter movements often say that they are grief-stricken and disgusted by police brutality.

Furthermore, many who have a Caucasian skin tone often say they are sorry for their “white privilege”.

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