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Claudia Schiffer Is Eve To Sly Stallone's Adam In A Throwback Nudie Pic On Instagram

Gettyimages | Michael Loccisano
By Rima Pundir

Claudia Schiffer recently posted a throwback picture on Instagram that showed her posing as Eve and Sylvester Stallone as Adam, in a nude photo that harked back to the good old days of supermodel fashion, sponsored by Versace and shot by Richard Avedon. The 49-year-old Schiffer was one of the top supermodels of the world before she did movies and turned into an author, fashion designer, and executive producer. While she is aging as well as fine wine, the pictures of her youth completely bowl fans over...

"Barbie Would Get Surgery" For Schiffer's Body, Say Fans

Claudia Schiffer & Sylvester Stallone posing For Versace
Claudia Schiffer / Instagram

The images look shot for Versace crockery and plates cover the essentials of a sultry but smiling Claudia Schiffer and a very buff, very stoic Sylvester Stallone. Fans were bowled over by the amazing curves on Schiffer with one writing, "Barbie would do surgery just to look like you". With her blonde locks covering her breasts and the forbidden fruit in her hand, Schiffer looks absolutely like the temptress Eve, and fans could not stop commenting on how perfect a body both Schiffer and Stallone had in the "good old days".

"Now There Are No More Supermodels"

Claudia Schiffer with a host of supermodels
Claudia Schiffer / Instagram

Schiffer also recently wished Linda Evangelista a happy birthday, tagging her in a picture of six supermodels in total with Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell being the other four. One fan wrote, "You were supermodels. Now are no supermodels in the world." which another called the gospel. Another wrote, "There will never be another golden era like yours! You wrote history, one of the kind! Such a beautiful photo featuring such a beautiful ladies." The picture does make for an overdose of beauty.

At 49, Schiffer Is As Stunning Now As She Was In Her Youth

Claudia Schiffer posts a throwback topless pic
Claudia Schiffer / Instagram

Claudia Schiffer recently made quite the statement as she attended the premiere of "Rocketman", the biopic made on Elton John's life in which Taron Egerton plays John. Schiffer wore a beautiful rainbow silk dress with a gaping front and back and she sauntered in with husband Matthew Vaughn. The picture here is six-month-old throwback pic which Schiffer captioned as "On Sundays we... glow #StevenMeisel #greatlighting #weekendvibes". With that kind of body and face, and with just the right backlighting, Schiffer really does glow.

Do You Remember Westlife's "Uptown Girl"?

Claudia Schiffer modelling for Guess
Claudia Schiffer / Instagram

Schiffer rose to prominence in the 1990s when she was signed to promote Guess, and her look became so signature, Guess truly rose to prominence as a brand because of Schiffer. Schiffer even posted that look that started it all in March, captioning it as "As seen in Sunday Times Style, “the look that made me” shot by @ellenvonunwerth for @guess ... #weekendvibes @theststyle". Many would remember her as the blonde in Westlife's cover of "Uptown Girl". Wait for the head shake and blonde locks to come free at about 3:25 into the video...

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