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Maitland Ward poses for a photo

Maitland Ward Bursts Out Bikini So Tiny, It Should Be Illegal

Maitland Ward/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Maitland Ward pushed the boundaries today, taking to Instagram with a bikini that couldn't have been tinier. The former "Boy Meets World" star and new porn face has sex appeal as her trademark over on her social media – a "midday snack" for the 42-year-old has come as a cleavage display this year, with the COVID-19 pandemic also seeing the redhead bake "Corona Cookies" in an unbuttoned shirt and with no pants.

Going extra sexy, flashy, and metallic with her outdoor balcony snap on Monday, Maitland reminded her 1.3 million followers of her assets.

'What Day Is It?'

Maitland Ward poses in a bikini
Maitland Ward/Instagram

Maitland's photo offered plenty to look at. The "Drive" star was posing on the corner of a glass-wrapped balcony overlooking an urban sprawl and blue skies – eyes were likely on the star herself, though. Seen squeezing her curves – and going very revealing – in a bright green, shiny, string bikini, Maitland was showing off her killer cleavage, flat stomach, and signature porcelain skin as she smiled for the camera.

With a giant cleavage flash, plenty of side-boob, and some pretty minimal briefs, Maitland had definitely gone brave. Then again, this star aces everything she wears.

"What day is it?" Maitland captioned the shot, possibly referring to her quarantine status.

'Way Too Much Clothing On' – Instagram Has Thoughts

Maitland Ward poses with brownies
Maitland Ward/Instagram

Maitland's fans seem to come with a sense of humor. Likes and comments came in fast, with the latter sitting at over 26,000 by the time the update was two hours old. Fans did, however, appear to have paid attention to the caption.

"Day to worship whoever made that bathing suit your in," one wrote.

"Flawless Maitland day," another added.

Elsewhere, it seemed that the star's followers were hoping to see a little more of her – "way too much clothing," one fan jokingly wrote.

$62,000 A Month From Porn

Maitland Ward poses for a lingerie selfie
Maitland Ward/Instagram

Maitland has officially shed her good-girl image, with her Rachel McGuire role on sitcom "Boy Meets World" now a distant memory. 2019 saw Ward transition into adult entertainment, with "Drive" released in September of last year. As it turns out, the new career is earning the star big bucks, with Maitland revealing up to $62,000 per month as income when speaking to The Daily Beast.

"So when people say she had to turn to porn I laugh, because this is a good thing and I’m making more now," she told the media outlet.

Income Up During Corona

Maitland Ward poses in lingerie
Gettyimages | Albert L. Ortega

COVID-19 is seeing Maitland earn more than ever – porn giant PornHub has also reported upped traffic with a 5.45% rise in the U.S and 11% worldwide.

"Actually, I’ve seen upticks in some of my income because people are home and they want entertainment and they want to get away from all the corona stuff," Maitland told The Wrap in March, adding:

"People are hunkered down and so they want to see content. That’s a remarkable thing — that we can earn good money in a crisis like this, when a lot of people are hurting. I’m really grateful for that."

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