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8 Netflix Documentaries & Docuseries to Check Out

Unsplash | Thibault Penin
By A. Elise

If you are staying at home right now as part of the initiative to prevent the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19, now is a great time to watch some new documentaries and docuseries. If you have already been swept up in the Tiger King craze and are looking for something new, you might have documentaries on your mind. These are a few of the exciting documentaries and docuseries you should check out to learn more about true stories just as Joe Exotic.

Staircase in a home
Unsplash | Micah Carlson

When Michael Peterson's wife mysteriously died in 2001 after falling down a staircase, nobody expected the investigation that followed would become so popular. In 2005, the story was made into an eight-part documentary series with eight episodes called The Staircase. In 2013 and 2018, additional episodes were added to follow the investigation and murder trial that followed. The entire series is available on Netflix.

Still in the mood for some true crime? Evil Genius: the Truth Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist explores a true story of a man who robbed a bank after having a bomb strapped to his neck.

Taylor Swift playing guitar on stage
Gettyimages | Dave Hogan

Documentaries about famous people are often intriguing. They shed insight into people we can only dream of meeting one day.

Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce is a great place to begin if you want to see how somebody who is larger than life lives and prepares for a concert.

For insight about Taylor Swift, check out Miss Americana. The documentary, which is only 85 minutes long, delves into the pop icon's personal life and stage persona as she continues to develop in the public spotlight.

People crossing the street
Unsplash | Jacek Dylag

There are plenty documentaries and series to enjoy that explore our lives and the creatures we share the world with.

100 Humans: Life's Questions Answered is a great choice. The documentary introduces viewers to 100 different people. The social experiment seeks to answers many questions about people in age groups and gender-based groups, for instance. The series has eight episodes.

Then, there's Our Planet, which features stories of the world. Sir David Attenborough delves into the beautiful planet we live on and the impacts of climate change.

Netflix screen featured on a smartphone
Unsplash | Nicolas Savignat

Some stories that depict the darker aspects of life are available to view on Netflix as well. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, has become a favorite since it was released in early 2020. The docuseries explores the murder of an 8-year-old boy and the detriments of the current social support system for children in vulnerable positions. It is a tragic story of abuse told in six episodes.

Finally, Netflix also features The Pharmacist, which details the opioid epidemic's impact on one small-town pharmacist. The series features four episodes.

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