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Anne With an E

Fans Beg Netflix to Hear Their Pleas Involving 'Anne With an E'

By Ivy Pope

With everyone at home all the time, it is not a surprise that people who have never heard of Anne with an E started watching it. All of those die-hard Anne of Green Gables fans watched it as soon as episode 1 aired.

The show was produced by Netflix and the Canadian network, CBC. They announced in Nov. 2019 that the series would end with season 3. L.M. Montgomery is absolutely rolling in her grave! Fans are pleading their case online, taking to a fan-started petition and Netflix's Title Form petition.

Anne and her best friend

Anne With an E was L.M. Montgomery's novel brought into the more modernized world; while the setting and era stayed the same, there were more people of color and various interactions of that sort. Some hardcore L.M.M. fans did not appreciate those changes, while others absolutely adored them.

The novel was from 1980, but the novel took place in the 1890s. Despite the fact Netflix upgraded L.M.M.'s novel to be a bit more modern, they stuck to the 1890's theme, beautifully.

A gathering of girls in Anne With an E

With a new generation of fans introduced, why wouldn't Netflix continue? The reason for the show's cancellation was odd, and even the cast members were not expecting such a thing to happen; in fact, there were leaks about season 4 prior to the cancel announcement.

Meet the petition with 265,000 signatures! It's called "Renew Anne With an E for Season 4". Viewers have also taken to Twitter, tweeting their support for the drama.

The hashtag "renewannewithane" sports loyal fans demanding Anne With an E's return.

Anne and Gilbert

One fan shared a Twitter post where CBC Audience Services stated that Netflix and CBC had "agreed season three of Anne With an E would be the last one", because they believed her story had ended. All she did was a kiss a boy, as many fans are pointing out.

It would seem that CBC is the one who's done, not the fans. "CBC really said that no matter how successful or incredibly in demand AWAE is, or how loyal the fan base has been to their programming, they just don’t wanna hear it anymore. 🤦🏽‍♀️"


But there is some good news! A fan tweeted a conversation they had with a Netflix Rep regarding the show, and while they currently do not see any way to get the show back, they are trying because they see how much it means to the fans.

"Warning sign Anne Nation as we fight for our renewal, we must learn basic fighting skills Raised fist

We now have Dr Gilbert Blythe here who will teach us how to punch our way through the offices of CBC and Netflix Boxing glove

A thread.

Let’s begin


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