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Ezra Miller looks amazing in this striped outfit featuring a make-up with several eyes on his face.

Twitter Fans Are So Done With Actor Ezra Miller And This Time It’s Serious

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Popular actor, Ezra Miller has been the topic of social media for yourself now and it does not seem like it will end anytime soon. Miller has been trending on Twitter for so long now as fans are not pleased with him.

The actor’s upcoming movie is anticipated all over the world, but now that fans are pissed with him, there’s no telling how the movie will go down.

Recently, a clip made it to the internet and it featured Miller and a female fan.


According to reports, the actor was challenged by the unknown woman to a fight and she even stepped close to him with her fists up. However, she was seen laughing in the video and everything appeared to be a joke. Sadly, it may no have been a joke to Miller as the actor went close to the woman in the video, held her by her neck and shoved her against the wall and then to the floor. This is everything that happened in the video and there has been no report of an assault.

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Although no one knows what transpired between Miller and the woman before and after the video, fans are already pissed with the actor for his behavior.

While some are condemning him for being too hostile to the woman, others are saying that he should not have touched the woman that way. It’s unclear what will happen at this moment and neither Miller nor the woman in the video has come out to address the concerns that fans have about the video.

Gettyimages | Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Some fans are also annoyed that Miller is not obeying the social distancing rule as he was allegedly in an open environment with the woman and some of the people who were speaking in the background.

The conversation happening between both parties in the video is unclear at the moment, and no one knows if Miller will try to make-up for his actions. However, one truth about the actor that cannot he disputed, is that he loves his fans very much.

He not only shows this to them via social media, but also in public. There have been several photos of Miller having speaking with his fans in public and he looked very down to earth.

For many years, Miller has openly shown his unending support for the LGBTQ community and has been involved in tons of projects. Miller has had to work very hard for his accomplishment in the industry, this remaining a favorite to every Flash lover. Who knows, his fans may likely forgive this PR problem and move on soon.

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