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For Years, 'The Voice' Was Thought To Be Fake

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By Nora Pattugalan

With many talents around the world, singing has to be the most prominent. In effort to have their voices heard, people typically go on contest shows to get their shot at fame. With shows like ‘America’s Got Talent’, the many variations, ‘American Idol’, and more, the one show that has people scratching their heads is ‘The Voice’. For a show that takes on blind auditions, the singing coaches must rely on their auditory senses and consideration. Which performer will make their way to the top?

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As the process goes, a performer selects a song to sing to the coaches whose backs are turned. While this is rather odd, it eliminates the peer judgement coming from the professional singers. This allows for them to decide if they like the person who is singing, and go from there. Blind auditions make things interesting. If a coach turns their chair to face the performer, they would get a better idea and make a clear judgement. With this method, along with back up decision-making, audiences could think there are hints of bias among the coaches.

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Whether they are being sincere or the lines seemed generic or scripted can be opinionated from frequent TV viewers. In fact, websites have listed the many times ‘The Voice’ has flawed. In 2019, people have noticed Adam Levine, for example, constantly telling a contestant “You could win this thing.” This was ongoing since 2014. These exact words were used in a multitude of ways. This could either be his mannerism or habit to say such a line. However, viewers believe it is robotically scripted.

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When you are in a public workspace, there is an assumption that you must like every person you work with. For celebrities, it is assumed that everyone likes each other. On ‘The Voice’, this could be a tough call. Fans believe that the coaches do not get along off-screen even after a season or two has passed. In 2017, heat between Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson stirred trouble. Therefore, it is assumed that negativity between different judges had spread in recent seasons of the show.


When it comes to equal competition, when two performers are paired, it has been noticed that sometimes, one person has an advantage over the other in terms of talent, skill, age, or other. The example is shown when Blake Shelton paired 25-year-old Lauren Duski and 14-year-old Brennley Brown years back. This may have confused the audience and viewers. A similar problem concerning contestants would be the rules needed to be followed before committing to the competition and show. All in all, judges and contestants have their flaws and are unfortunately publicized. Whether this is all staged or not is solely known by the producers and handlers of the franchise.

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