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A Dramatic Hair Transformation For The One And Only Sharon Osbourne

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire
By Tia Kitchens

Okay, we all love the styling red hair that Sharon Osbourne supports. The color goes so well with her skin tone and she just overall rocks the burgundy color. The co-host of 'The Talk' decided that change was needed in her life. And honestly, I can't blame her for thinking that. That red style was a lot of upkeep after all with her weekly visits to the salon. Just to keep it that vibrant color that we have all grown to love.

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

The new look though isn't something that I would have ever thought she would do! Personally, it isn't my favorite look on her either. The red style she had before really complimented her skin tone. It just highlighted her face as it framed it wonderfully.

The new color is a really stark difference and while it does look good, don't get me wrong it does, to me it doesn't capture the essence of Sharon Osbourne. It doesn't scream to me the striking red head we know and love.

Wikimedia |,_2012.jpg

Okay, okay maybe that is a bit harsh. She does look stunning with her white hair she is rocking. The new look isn't a bad one at all, maybe just shocking. For a long time fan of her, it is strange to see her with something so different and shocking.

It could have been the picture too. She looked older with the white hair than she did with the red. Granted that is what happens when you are stuck in the hair salon for eight hours. And yes I know she is 68 years old but she always looked so much younger to me. Has to be that exhaustion from sitting in the salon.

Sharon being fake surprised during a photo
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

She truly does look good with her hair. The stylist that did her hair, Jack Martin, loves the new look too. He is a celebrity stylist that does many big-name star's hair. He does this amazing work for them and it all ends up looking just how the clients want it.

So, good job to Martin to making Sharon Osbourne feel like the star she is with her new look. He has done amazing work for her and for all the other's that walk through his door.

Sharon at the emmy awards.
Gettyimages | David Crotty

Now Sharon has this brand new look to learn how to rock with her amazing style. It still isn't a favorite of mine but maybe with some time, it will warm up. She looks stunning and the most important part is she is happy. It isn't my hair but I would so sign up to rock it alongside her if it ever came to be. She has hair goals for sure!

Who knows what we will see next. Will she want to stay blonde for the next long while or will she miss the red? Only time will tell for this one.

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