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Ice-T and Mariska Hargitay in 'Law & Order: SVU'

Mariska Hargitay Said Happy Birthday to Costar Ice-T in The Cutest Way Possible

Gettyimages | NBC
By Robin Zabiegalski

Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T have been costars and friends for a very long time. Ice-T has played Detective Fin Tutuola on Law & Order: SVU since Season 2, which premiered in the year 2000. So, this year is the 20th year that he and Hargitay have been onscreen together.

It's well-known that the cast of Law & Order: SVU is just as close in real life as they are on the show. So, it's no surprise that Hargitay wished her costar and friend a happy birthday in the cutest way possible.

Her Happy Birthday Message

Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

On February 16th, Ice-T's birthday, Hargitay took to Instagram to send Ice-T a very special birthday message. She posted four pictures of her and Ice-T. In each of the photos they're both laughing their heads off with each other. In three of the four pictures, they're hugging each other.

She captioned the photo: "Happy birthday @icet Every time I’m around this #OG i’ve got a #SmileOnMyFace #LoveIsLove"

Her adorable post made it clear that she adores Ice-T both on set and off set.

Fans React to the Hargitay's Message

Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T on 'Law & Order: SVU"
Gettyimages | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin

Fans were delighted to see Hargitay's lovey happy birthday message to Ice-T. The comments poured in, many expressing their love for the Benson/Fin partnership.

imscdallthetime said, "best tv parters!!"

southernfox01 said, "That’s a super special friendship 💜"

svuxmemes added, "DOUBLE OG IN THE ONE PP"

hargitay.benson commented, "OG's forever ❤️❤️❤️ 21 yrs of friendship 😘😘😘 I love it"

Fans of the show were obviously pleased to see that Ice-T and Hargitay are just as close off-screen as they are on-screen. And they passed on their own birthday wishes as well.

Happy Birthday Wishes From All Over Social Media

Ice-T on 'Law & Order: SVU'
Gettyimages | NBC

Of course, Hargitay wasn't the only one to wish Ice-T a happy birthday. The Law and Order: SVU official Facebook page and Twitter account both posted Happy Birthday messages to the star.

USA Network, which basically exists just to air Law and Order: SVU marathons, chimed in saying "Today, we celebrate one icon and one icon only: @FINALLEVEL. 🎉 Happy birthday to @nbcsvu's finest, Ice-T!"

Even Ellen Degeneres chimed in, " Happy birthday, Ice-T and The Weeknd! I feel like I’m writing a Lipton commercial."

Ice-T Says Thank You

Ice-T Performing
Gettyimages | Gina Wetzler

Ice-T was overwhelmed by all the birthday love. He posted on his Twitter, reflecting on his life and saying thank you to all those who'd passed on birthday wishes.

He said, "I turned 62 today.. I never could of imagined that I would STILL be rocking crowds. Basically doing everything I was doing in my 20s.. It’s all because of life long fans that have supported and motivated me my whole career. A sincere thanks 🙏 for all your Happy Birthday wishes!"

Happy Birthday Ice-T. We hope this year is your best!

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