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Robert Downey Jr Explains How He Can Bring Back Tony Stark in the MCU

Gettyimages | Chung Sung-Jun
By Christian Avina

Just because Tony Stark made the ultimate sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame to save everyone from the death grip of Thanos, doesn't mean that it'll be the last time that we'll see Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. Now that the multiverse and time-traveling were introduced into the MCU, there is a multitude of ways that Iron Man can return. The real question is what would be the best way to bring back Tony Stark back to the big screen that's deserving?

Downey is Not Closing Any Doors

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It's not the craziest thing in the world to believe Marvel would think to bring back Robert Downey Jr to the MCU, they would just need to find the correct opportunity to do so. Downey sat down with Extra and discussed the possibility of returning to the iconic role.

Downey said:

"Yeah anything could happen, as far as I'm concerned I've hung up my guns and I'm good to let it go. I also think that Marvel is on this journey now where they're trying a bunch of other stuff. I'm excited for them to see how all of that goes. It's hard to project but we got a lot of other stuff we want to do."

It seems like Downey knows the direction that Marvel is taking in their next phase of films and knows for a fact that this direction doesn't involve Tony Stark in any way at the moment.

Could Time Away From the Role Change Downey's Persepctive?

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Downey's first film since he hung up his guns, Dolittle hasn't been the biggest success, but it's obvious that box office numbers aren't a concern for the actor. What could be concerning is the more time that Downey spends away from Marvel could change his mind on returning to play Tony Stark. It's clear that Downey is enjoying his time away from the role of Iron Man with talking on a film like Dolittle

Downey is rumored to return in Marvel's Black Widow for a more than likely small role. The only other films in the works for Downey are All-Star Weekend and Sherlock Holmes 3

Downey took the character of Tony Stark very seriously which is what made his performances great. The send-off to the character in the ever-growing MCU was the best that it could've possibly been, every single character that had been impacted by Tony Stark was there to pay their respects, but also in a way, we were all there to honor the memory of the one that it all began with.

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