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Disney+ Does Not Allow You To Watch Certain Shows in Proper Order & Fans Are Not Having It

Gettyimages | Drew Angerer
By Mario Perez

Without a doubt, the Disney company is one of those companies that has always been known for its attention to detail. If you are ever in a Disney park you will be able to spot little nuances that help to create that magic in the park. There have even books and multiple case studies on the matter.

This time around though it seems that they may have slipped up. When it comes to setting up the way that certain shows are played in the Disney Plus platform. This has a lot of fans going crazy.

What Exactly is The Issue?

Well, the thing is that some shows that are on the streaming service have been uploaded in the manner in which they were aired. In other cases like the Simpsons, there where different uploads in a sense. As all of the episodes that were done before HDTV became a thing are all grouped together.

The main problem seems to be that a lot of shows were uploaded with no real regard for chronological order. This is something that is giving people fits as they are going through the menu to try and watch shows in the right order.

Why Did They Do This?


A lot of times the problems seem to be, coming as a result of the way that certain shows where aired. A lot of times shows in syndication where not aired in the proper chronological order. Disney pretty much just uploaded the content as it originally came in. This is what is giving people fits.

All signs though point to the fact that Disney is going to be doing something about this pretty soon. As it is not known for just disregarding what fans are looking for. Except maybe when it comes to Star Wars fans, but that is a story for another day.

That Is Not The Only Problem On The Streaming Service

Back in November as the streaming service was still finding its footing there were multiple reports that indicated many accounts where being hacked left and right. At the time Disney issued a statement denying the hacks and reiterating their commitment to their users' cybersecurity.

Yet, it seems that they are doing things in a bit of a hurry. This has caused a lot of details to slip through the cracks. The latest example of that is the launch date for the streaming service in Europe. Which was basically just bumped up out of the blue.

What is Coming to Disney +


If you are still on the fence about whether or not you are going to pay another subscription-based service besides Netflix this may be something you are interested in.

Coming to Disney+ in 2020 are many reboots of old shows that were made popular in the Disney Channel. Such as the Lizzie Macguire reboot which has a lot of former teens excited. There is also a Hawkeye series that is set to debut for Marvel fans. There is certainly a lot of content that is going to see the light of day this year.

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