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James Corden Reveals the Rudest Celebrity He's Ever Met and It's Highly Surprising

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta
By Zachary Holt

In a recent episode of the Spill Your Guts, a staple segment on the Late Late Show, James Corden and Khloe Kardashian went back and forth asking those 'hard to answer questions'.

One of the questions directed towards Corden involved him answering the question of who's the rudest celebrity you've ever met.

Usually, this is a type of question that he passes on, as he doesn't want to upset anyone and potentially set up awkward situations in the future. Surprisingly, though, Corden certainly didn't hold back, and it's not someone you'd suspect. But then again, maybe it is.

The Road to Becoming a Late Night Show Host

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The road for James Corden wasn't an easy one, that's for sure. He didn't even think he'd make it as an actor, let alone, a late-night talk show host. Of course, this insecurity he had stemmed from his weight and how that would be received on television.

Corden recalled the thoughts that he had and the overall predicament at the time while he was trying to make it as an actor and potentially accepting the role on the Late Late Show. He recounted, "I was so convinced it wouldn’t work that we rented all our furniture for a year.

"I mean, I’ve never hosted a chat show before. I’m not a stand-up. I’m not even a sketch comedian," he continued.

Casted in Stereotypical, Uneventful Roles

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When he first started landing roles in acting and on the big screen, they weren't the ones that people would typically feel proud of. In fact, they usually were the variety that were hilarious because of his weight. Think of Jonah Hill in Superbad, but not as prominent of a role.

"If you’re not given a seat at the table, make your own," Corden shared. "When I was coming up, I was never on the ‘One To Watch’ pages, like my friends. It felt like the industry was saying, ‘We think you’re good, but we’d like you to play the man who drops off a TV to Hugh Grant in a movie. And these other people will go and be stars.’ So I wrote a TV show for myself. I muscled my way in."

Finally Making It Big

Giphy | The Late Late Show with James Corden

But suffice it to say that Corden has made it big. Aside from all the celebrities that now call him a close friend, his show is regularly shown on all social media, especially when he has some of his favorites on there including Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

Completely innovative segments that he's pumped out include Carpool Karaoke and Spill Your Guts. The latter features Corden and some other celebrity. A spinning 'lazy Susan' is in the middle of the table with some of the most putrid things you could imagine. The purpose of the game is to ask 'tough questions' and then give the other person the option to eat whatever the spin lands on or answer the question.

On the latest segment of Spill Your Guts, Khloe Kardashian asked Corden who the rudest celebrity he ever met was, and he certainly didn't hold back any punches.

The Rudest Celebrity He's Met

Gettyimages | Presley Ann

The answer to Khloe's question was Pierce Brosnan. But he didn't leave it at a simple name-drop. He went into how he came to this conclusion from attending the same U2 concert as him.

"There was someone. But I don’t know if we’re going to try and book him on the show," hesitantly deciding on whether to actually answer the question. Kardashian wasn't going to let him get away without answering, though.

"Pierce Brosnan. I don’t think he’s a rude man, he just happened to be [to me]," he shared. "[Brosnan] was with some friends and they left halfway through the gig to go off, and we left the space [for them]."

He continued, "And then they had been gone quite a long time and Bono was right there on this big runway in the middle of the show.”

“So me and my wife moved into this area, and literally, I’ve never felt anything like it, this arm went on here and just pushed me out the way. And I looked at him, and he didn’t even glance at me and he just moved back into his area."

Kardashian tried to possibly give Brosnan the benefit of the doubt by proposing that he was drunk. Corden responded, "Maybe he’s just a bit f***ing rude.

So there you have it.

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